Thank you Mario!
But our Princess is in another castle!
Super Mario Bros

Maybe a lot of people still remember that phrase... It was one of the first flash games.
Flash programming has been around for helping developers to make addictive browser games for quite some time. This programming naturally moved to accommodate mobile games and applications.
Flash games are the most popular online entertainment and it's hard to argue with that. It had proved popularity through small size, free of charge and not burdensome but really exciting gameplay. At the moment you can find more than 1,000,000 free flash games. It's amount increase every year.

Some of the games are presented here. The most interesting and popular games, promising novelties and good representatives of the genre are located on the site and updated daily. offers the best free online games, playable right in your web browser can without download and registeration.
Incredible popularity of flash games is for several reasons because it doesn't require a long parsing and the rules are usually simple (you even don't have to read it). Also it has tips which help to get comfortable gameplay. If you want to play, you install the Flash Player and select the game of your choice. What kind of games do you like?

Our flash games: Arcade (The game requires simple control, does not require a player of certain knowledge and skills, except agility and reaction speed); adventure (The most popular genre with fans of flash games); race (You could feel like a real racer driving a motorcycle); fights (The genre has appeared in the 70s and still does not lose its popularity); games for children (Bright and interesting games help to captivate any kid); quests (Go to the next level.); classic games (Games that were popular in the past); gaming consoles (Tetris, Labyrinth, etc.); flying (It will let you feel like a pilot of an airplane or even a flying saucer); brain teaser (Logical thinking and memory); board (These include all known checkers, chess, puzzles and others); roleplaying (Performing various tasks); sports( Sports games); simulators (football, hockey, etc.)); strategies (To achieve the goal you must independently develop a strategy and action plan. The player can feel like a real commander in chief or manager); shooters (This requires reaction, accurate calculations and speed. Then the player can become a real sniper).
Our days are filled with short breaks scattered throughout. Have another 10 minutes before your office lunch break ends? Flash games online will help you to spend time with pleasure. Be a little careful, though - prolonged playing these games in the office may lead to being asked not to come back to the office any more.

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